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Want to know How to track your shipment that you have sent through DTDC Courier? If yes, then this article will provide you with all the details on the list of methods that can be used to track your shipment send through DTDC.

Today in this article, we would provide you with all the details on the DTDC and its methods to track the shipment so that you can easily know your status of your courier package.

I am a professional Software Developer with 7 years of experience. After extensive research, I have prepared this detailed guide on DTDC Tracking Tracking.

Therefore, I wanted to guide you regarding the methods of www.dtdc.in tracking status the shipment.


About DTDC Company

DTDC Tracking
DTDC Tracking

DTDC was founded in the year 1990 and has it’s headquarter in Bangalore. At present DTDC tracking courier status has 7 zonal offices, 20 strategically located offices and over 430 operating branches across all states of India.

It is fast and speedily growing company in the field of logistics and with its association with Geopost’s DPD group – Europe’s second largest Parcels Delivery player, dtdc tracking courier tracking has extended its growth to globally also.

It extends its service across more than 10500 plus pin codes and has its presence over 500 plus district headquarters.

Under the vision 2020 program, tracking of dtdc courier expresses its strategy to expertise in the logistic field and to become one of the key players in the field of logistics.

It handles over 12 million shipments every month and is responsible in delivering couriers across the world. It has extended its services across 240 plus countries including some of the major goal locations such as USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Hong Kong, Australia, China and all Asian countries dtdc tracking exact location.

DTDC india tracking has been able achieve this feet with the help of its own operations, joint ventures and business associates.

The family of dtdc courier tracking no includes 35000 plus people which includes employees, franchisees and their associates who are responsible for its steady growth and development.   

They are also providing a helping hand in the development of the country. It has included its services in the following states-: Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Goa, Telangana, Gujarat, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Pondicherry, Daman & Diu, Chandigarh and Dadra & Nagar Haveli dtdc near me.

Thus developing the concept of made in India campaign which has also given employment to many Indians during this pandemic times. Their service is far more reliable than other foreign logistic company and is comparatively fast and speedy.

They cover across 10,500+ pin codes across 16 states and Union territories in India. DTDC has also opened their branches across 939+ cities and places across India including rural and urban areas so as provide effortless service.


Trade nameDTDC Express Limited
Founded1990; 32 years ago (As DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.)
HeadquartersBangalore, India
Area servedCountrywide and International 
Key peopleSubhasish Chakraborty (Founder, Chairman and Managing Director)
 Key peopleAbhishek Chakraborty (Executive Director) Suresh Bansal (Director)
  Key peopleArpita Chakraborty Mittra (Director) Tapasi Chakraborty (Founder Director)
ProductsDelivery, express mail, third-party logistics
Number of employees13,000

DTDC Tracking India

DTDC Tracking
DTDC Tracking

DTDC tracking status can be done through several methods including that of tracking the consignment online or through E-mail and also by sending a SMS whichever method is comfortable to you.

Therefore if you do not have the convenience of a mobile than also you can dtdc traking your courier by other methods.

The tracking can be done with the help of the AWB/Consignment number or also with the help of the reference dtdc tracking number.

You can find the AWB/Consignment number and the reference number from the copy of the bill that will be given to you when you send a courier though the DTDC logistic company for the purpose of tracking.

In the copy of the bill, you will find a 9 digit DTDC tracking ID in the copy of the bill which can be used to track the shipment that you have couriered whether is international or domestic.

You can also track up to 25 shipment simultaneously at the same time by just differentiating the reference or consignment number by just using comma to separate the consignments.

You can track the consignment that you have sent via DTDC by the following methods of DTDC tracking:


Check DTDC Tracking Online 2023

How to check DTDC courier status

  • At first log into the website using the following link- https://www.dtdc.in/tracking/shipment-tracking.asp
  • As soon as you click on the link, you will find the DTDC Consignment Track ( www.dtdc.in tracking) box where you will find the option of reference no. or AWB/Consignment no. and enter any of the said DTDC Courier tracking number and Enter the number and click on the option “track” and your shipment will be instantly tracked on the website ( http www.dtdc courier tracking.com) and the location of the shipment where it has presently reached will be shown in your screen dtdc tracking shipway.

Check DTDC Mobile Tracking 2023

  • You can track the DTDC courier current status of your shipment by the method of an SMS by simply sending predefined keywords to a particular number that the DTDC has provided. Both the domestic as well as international courier can be tracked using this process.
  • To track the courier, you need to send the following message TRACK<space>Consignment Number’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: TRACK B22399923).
  • For checking the validity of the pin code of your courier address, you just need to Type ‘PIN<space>Pin Code’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: PIN 700019).
  • To check whether DTDC is providing service in your city or not, you need to type ‘CITY<space>City Name’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: CITY Agra).


DTDC E Tracker

DTDC Tracking
DTDC Tracking

People who are not able to access mobile tracking can track their consignment by the help of the E tracker. DTDC tracking is an online method which enables back-to-back tracking integration between DTDC and the client.

This is mainly useful for E-enabled customers, whose backend system is equipped enough to integrate at system level.

System can be integrated through Web services, HTTP Request or secured FTP integration. This solution provides the incremental consignment status in periodic manner based on configuration.

Apart from the system level integration, this solution can provide the periodic consignment status to the customer in CSV file format via email.


DTDC Customer Care

If you are able to access any of the above tracking methods, you need not worry about the delivery status of your shipment package as DTDC has 24 hours working counters across major cities in India to track down your consignment.

You just need to call in their customer care number DTDC and convey them the reference no. or AWB/Consignment no. of your courier. The customer care representative will track your shipment and tell the current status of your shipment to you.

Service Features of DTDC

DTDC Tracking
DTDC Tracking

DTDC always maintains high standards and quality with a set of simple principles and smart technology so that it can provide the best service to its customers and it also assures of safe delivery during this pandemic times.

The employees work very hard to keep its reliability and growth of the company as such.


DTDC order tracking uses Consignment Tracking and Billing System (CTBS) to locate the consignment so that no package is missed out from delivering.

The commitment made by the company is kept intact and most of the time it delivers the package within the said time.

Customers can check the live location of its courier anytime and anywhere to know whether the package will be delivered within time or not.

Delivery commitment is ensured with added focus on minimizing possible delays in the delivery timeline. Therefore transparency is kept between the company and the customers.


DTDC always cross check the delivery status from the first step onwards, right from pickup, delivery and receipt of the Proof of Delivery (POD) details into the CTBS system and the internet.

Therefore records are kept at each step so that the package is never missed and also shows if any damage is caused to the package at any point of journey.

Thus the consignment is also tracked at every stage to identify and minimize delays.


After the courier is booked through dtdc express tracking , the employee pick up the package and check it thoroughly for any restricted and banned items.

The consignments that has been picked up from regular customers are also randomly checked to find whether any corrosive, poisonous or explosive contents or any other substance that may cause damage to the mode of transportation of the cargo is there or not.

All airlines insist on a written declaration for every bag handed over for carriage. The format clearly defines the list of hazardous products and incorporates the courier’s acceptance of the stipulated conditions as well.

Should any of the banned or hazardous items be detected, the airline is authorized to ban the transportation of the courier on all sectors with immediate effect.

The customer as well as the police is informed if any illegal substance are found which ae subject to inquiry.


Countries across Which DTDC E tracking services are provided:

The courier tracking dtdc service is provide across the following countries dtdc uae tracking.


International Products and Services

DTDC Express Limited has been in the domestic circuit for over 26 years and has become one of the leading logistic company in India.

Gradually it is extending its growth to foreign countries as well and has become one of the prominent logistic companies around the globe and has preferred for shipment in the international level also www dtdc in track.

track dtdc com ctbs has business tie ups with over 240 plus countries so as to provide courier service around the world.

In addition to this, tracking dtdc courier has extended its service network around the world through its own subsidiary offices, joint ventures, representative offices and franchisees abroad.

While UK offices caters to the European market, our US and Canada offices cover the American continent. Singapore office serves Asia-Pacific Region, and the Dubai office manages the Middle East countries.

DTDC plus tracking has recently acquired a majority stake in Eurostar Express of UAE, thereby strengthening its position and reach in the Middle East and addressing the market more effectively through highly innovative products. 4

This also made DTDC the first Indian Express company that made an international acquisition. DTDC covers Turkey, Kenya and Oman through a network of business associates and master franchisees.

Important SAARC countries like dtdc tracking pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are managed by key business associates and are serviced from India.

Recently, dtdc pod tracking also set up a joint venture in China with Air Dragon Freight (Beijing) Co Ltd. becoming the first Indian Express company to have its presence in China.

Presently, DTDC China Limited operates from three locations: Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

The company is in the process of setting up joint ventures in Australia and Germany to cater to the express distribution needs of customers in those countries.

DTDC’s international services comprise of delivery services for both documents & parcels, covering almost all countries around the globe.

DTDC International Tracking

1. Express Services – DTDC Track status

DTDC has been successfully delivering international documents which are time sensitive and thereby delivered within the said scope of time and also without any damage to the document.

International Non Document Express Services is Air Parcel Services was started by the DTDC for delivering parcels through swift custom clearance channel in different countries. Therefore limited time is consumed and parcel is delivered swiftly.

2. Cargo Services

Large commercial shipments are delivered through Door to Door (Express / Economy Services) either through express or economy mode from origin door to destination door d t d c courier tracking.

Door to Airport (Express / Deferred Services) is the movement of large commercial shipments either on express or economy mode from origin door to destination airport.

Airport to Airport (Express / Deferred Services) is the movement of large commercial shipments from origin airport to destination airport.

3. Student Express

This was introduced by the dtdc shipment tracking in keeping the students in mind as they need to send application forms, statements of purpose, and other personal documents to universities and institutes located in abroad.

Therefore fulfilling the sensitive needs of the students and this service is provided by the dtdc.in tracking at a very attractive price scheme and also 24/7 online tracking is available and also free home pick is available.

4. Excess Baggage

As you know travelling in airport, you need to have correct amount of weight of your luggage otherwise the luggage will be disbarred and therefore dtdc consignment tracking has brought the scheme to accommodate the baggage from customers who are relocating to/from, vacationing or visiting loved ones in international locations face issues carrying excess baggage back with them or are charged high EBT charges by the airlines.

5. Imports Express – DTDC Intra

Subject to custom clearances and various other permits required, we offer solutions for Import into India through Express modes.

6. International Cash on Delivery

Our customers outside India can request pick-up from anywhere in India at their local dtdc parcel tracking offices and receive them at their doorstep, with payment made by the consignee on receipt of shipment.

For more information you may contact the international helpline customer care number +91-7738899817 or +91-7738899820.

DTDC office Near Me

You can find the customer care service across India so that you can raise your concern and the company representatives will solve your problems within limited period of time dtdc courier near me.

Here we are giving you the number of customer care dtdc lite tracking so that you will find it easy to contact the customer of DTDC Courier tracking status India:-

The customer care numbers for dtdc tracker are given below:-

LocationContact Number
dtdc courier service

Final Word

In this article we have given the detailed description on track dtdc courier and about its origin and development in India.

We have also described about the DTDC tracking so that you would not find it difficult to track your courier that you have sent through DTDC Courier.

This has been developed into India’s No.1 logistic company and has been representing India in the global platform. dtdc online tracking has achieved many awards for its noble purpose and fair business.

It has also participated in many educational as well as other campaigns for the poor and homeless. This has also provided employment for many and therefore has been one of the India’s top companies in the world wide platform.

You can reliably send a courier to any part of the world using dtdc parcel tracking services and the courier will reach to the concerned person with in the limited period of time as they say.

The India DTDC courier tracking is also simple and effective as you can know the time update on the status of your shipment.


Can I track DTDC by number?

DTDC Tracking can be done through several methods including that of tracking the consignment online or through E-mail and also by sending a SMS whichever method is comfortable to you.

Therefore if you do not have the convenience of a mobile than also you can track your courier by other methods.