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If you have been looking for Aramex tracking details, you are at the right place because this article is going to give you all the information that you need about the particular.

Aramex is one of the leading courier services and a lot of businessmen around the world want to know what they did in order to become one of the best in the business.

Aramex Australia is from the Aramex Courier Franchises and it happens to be one of the fastest growing industries in Australia.

More about the company and the franchise is given in the article below for which you should stay tuned.

Having read this article, you would be aware about a lot of things related to this company. Not only that, the consumer questions will also be answered really well after you have read this article.

Since this company deals with delivery in and around Australia, there are majorly two parties involved who may want information about a particular delivery.

From Aramex Australia tracking to Aramex Contact Number, full-fledged information about this service and this company is given in the article below. You would not have to read any other after having read this.

I am a blogger that has expertise in researching companies around the world. This is the reason why the article you are going to read is going to be well-researched and none of the information is anyway not true.

Succeeding as a franchisee as well as succeeding as an individual are both parts of this industry and the backing that it has from a multinational powerhouse brand plays a big part as well.

If you have landed on this article, there are either high chances that you want to know about this business or you could be looking for help that you may want as a consumer. All of that information is given in the article below.

More About Aramex Australia

Aramex Tracking Australia
Aramex Tracking Australia

Australia has become one of the biggest hubs for the Aramex Global Solutions. In fact, Australia Post has taken full ownership of all the AGS franchises and the automatic tracking system that has been used for this particular delivery service is amazing.

As far as the consumers are rating it, it is one of the most important features that make it stand out among the competitors.

A lot of people around Australia have downloaded the Parcel app and that is how they track their deliveries. Honestly, in my opinion, this makes the process of Aramex Tracking way easier.

More about the application in the article is given in the article later. Aramex claims that one of the most important things that they do is meet your shipping needs as the e-commerce sector is changing.

Out of all the changes that have occured over the time, shipping is one of the most important niche things in this sector that a lot of people want.

International Services are also available at Aramex where you can easily track your delivery while sending it to somebody across countries.

The consumers in Australia are really happy that they could experience the services provided by Aramex but that is not the only group of people that are happy about it coming to Australia.

There are franchise opportunities as well, that comes at different costs and can suit your budget, considering the one you want to open up as a Start-up.

This is a franchise system that gives startup opportunities and also trains the people that are interested.

As an individual looking to be employed, you can also become a part of this process and a lot of jobs has also been added in Australia for freshers to do, after Aramex came to this country.

There are a lot of advantages when you are planning to deliver your parcel through Aramex. The main point of this article is to let you know about the tracking facilities that this delivery franchise offers.

Those are mentioned in the article below very thoroughly and a lot of people around the world can track their parcels being sent through easy methods.

This is one of the leading courier services in Australia and a lot of people have considered this as their go-to for freight and package transportation.

This article is mainly about the Australian franchise of Aramex but a few other Aramex franchises are:

  • Aramex Netherlands
  • Aramex New Zealand
  • Aramex South Africa
  • Aramex Ireland
  • Aramex England

There are many more with 29 additional franchises and 800+ courier franchises. Since the company is huge and the networks are also widespread, this is preferred to any other in a lot of those regions.

You may be wondering, what makes it so special and there is a proper explanation about how this happens.

Over the years, it has become the leading delivery service or courier service in Australia and there are many reasons for it being so.

Not only do they use a lot of new technology that makes the process of sending parcels a little easier and consumer-friendly, but also this particular company has real-time tracking and tracing facilities which makes it one of a kind.

Businesses really like using this courier service and this is the reason why they made integrations a lot easier than it used to be.

Aramex Tracking Australia is one of the main features that makes this service stand out from its other competitors.

More than a network of 800 people around Australia offer flexibility and convenience to all the consumers that use the particular service.

This is innovative as well as effective and you must know about the Parcel Connect which is an extension of this service.

Not a lot of services like this around the world give you the option to collect your parcel at an hour of your convenience.

Aramex Tracking Australia is also a future that can be accessed through this application and more about it is given in the article below.

Aramex Australia Tracking Details & All You Need To Know

Aramex Tracking Australia
Aramex Tracking Australia

Tracking your parcel is an innovative feature that this company has used in order to give the customers complete assurance of the whereabouts of their parcel.

In the official website of Aramex Australia which is you will find an Aramex track page. The Aramex Australia Tracking procedure would require you to enter the tracking number after the parcel is already on its way.

Aramex Track is a facility that is provided to you by this particular company and it is extremely reliable.

As already mentioned, going to the official website will let you track your parcel by the latest innovative technology which makes the process much easier, but this is not the only way.

To track Aramex parcels, you can also choose other ways too. This is economical and to be able to track Aramex parcels doesn’t require you to pay anything more and it is a feature that comes complimentary.

When you visit the homepage upon typing in the URL box, you will find a subheading called tools. Putting the cursor on that, the first option will give you the tracking facility.

All you need to do is click on that and then enter the tracking number that has been provided to you.

There are minor releases in a few of the network services in each region but most of them work completely on time such as Adelaide, Sunshine Coast and so on. Amarex tracking is easy and beneficial.

Formerly known as Fastway Couriers, it was rebranded in 2016 and was acquired by Aramex in both Australia and New Zealand.

Aramex Fastway Tracking can be done through PC or mobile devices and you will also be notified about the latest updates which is definitely a feature that you do not want to miss out on.

The main reason behind this fact is that not a lot of companies give you the option to track your parcel in real time.

It is more than definite that you will be allowed to see the transit status in a lot of delivery services’ websites but only a few of them give you the option to track in real time which is obviously something that’s innovative as well as really beneficial.

Aramex fastway tracking is a great feature, overall.

What are the other ways I can track my parcel Aramex, you ask? Well, there is an Android and iOS app called Parcels which is supposed to be a global package tracking application.

Since this is not a website or a web page that you have to visit for any particular updates, notifications from this app will let you know how far your parcel has reached and the other important details that you would want to know.

Track my parcel Aramex is a process that can very well be carried out through the Parcels application which is available for both major operating systems which exist for smartphones.

Out of all these processes, the most important thing is the unique tracking number that is given to every single person that chooses to send a parcel to Aramex Australia.

You can just enter that and it will give you the option to track your parcel in the tracking widget. Amarex tracking gives you a good idea of where your parcel is and when it’ll reach.

For the Aramex track parcel, the last way to carry out this procedure is to get the contact numbers of various cities.

The ones that you are supposed to call up should be informative about the fact of whether your parcel has reached that particular office.

Two of the most important offices that you can contact in order to carry out the process of Aramex track parcel, are situated in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Aramex phone contact numbers of both these offices are as follows :

  • Sydney – 1300 3278 929
  • Melbourne – 03 9320 8100

Calling any Aramex phone contact will let you know the status of your parcel delivery and this is an option that you can use if none of the other options mentioned, work out well.

As you must already know, Aramex also gives the option to pick up your delivery from the main office, if you are around and want it sooner than the time it takes for it to reach from the office to your home address.

Another very important thing that you must know are the addresses of these centers, which is given right below in the article:

  • Sydney- 56A Anzac St, Chullora, Sydney, NSW, Australia – 2190
  • Melbourne- 2/62 Salmon St, Port Melbourne Industrial Estate, Melbourne, VIC, Australia – 3207

If you have been looking for a general Aramex contact number for Australia, you can go to the official website of Aramex Australia where you can go to the official website of track courier and check it out.

Making it simpler however, the aramex contact number in Australia, attached with the pin code, goes as follows: +61 (0) 2 9737 8288

Aramex Australia- Good or Bad?

Aramex Tracking Australia
Aramex Tracking Australia

The unanimous review of this particular website goes to say that a lot of people in Australia like to use this delivery service and do not find any fault in it.

When you are opting for the standard delivery, there are chances that your parcel may arrive a little later than you expected it to arrive but that is the reason why the tracking facility is something they have been focusing on a lot.

You can see if your parcel is in transit which basically means that it is yet to reach your destination.

The real-time tracking will also allow you to see where your parcel exactly is which is not going to be helpful for it to reach faster, which is obvious, but at least you will be sure that your parcel is on its way and not lost in oblivion.

Most of the reviews are good but a lot of people have also complained about the delay in delivery time.

They also said how sellers should not use this because the delay can actually cut down on a lot of potential customers for a Startup or a new business.

Honestly, it totally depends on the distance and also if there are weekends or holidays anytime soon of you ordering it.

This is important to clarify because a lot of reviews hyperbolic-ally say this to be the slowest courier service known to man while a lot of the customers loved how quickly they delivered what they promised they would.

What actually makes complete sense is the fact that given the right day of the week and the right distance between pickup address and delivery address, this is a company totally reliable.

It is also reliable for further distances, even though the services may be a little delayed than usual.


Which company delivers Aramex in Australia?

A quick fact that you need to know is that in 1993, Fastway began operating in Australia and after almost 20 years it became a helper to the Aramex family.

Since the Aramex Family is backed by a lot of international support in a lot of different countries, the whole market of shipping packages has altered in Australia.

They provide a lot of transportation solutions and get Aramex Australia going. Without a doubt, this has become a huge part of business for Aramex over the past few years.

Does Aramex Australia pick up or deliver parcels on weekends?

Aramex Australia clearly says that if it is needed there would not be much hassle picking up parcels on weekends and also delivering them.

The most amazing part is the fact that not only do they deliver on weekends but also outside normal hours when it is extremely necessary.

Overall, by now you must have an idea why most parts of the world trust Aramex as their go-to courier delivery service.

A nice tip from a customer to a customer can be to compare delivery prices of different courier services around you so you can choose the most economical one for you which is also not ridiculously slow. The pickup times and the delivery options are also supposed to be checked out if those are your priorities.

Is one-day delivery done by Aramex Australia?

Depending upon the type of delivery that you choose, you may or may not get a 24-hour delivery. If the place is nearby enough and you choose for an urgent delivery, they can promptly deliver within a day and you would not have to sweat it as much.

How to arrange a parcel before pick up?

The package that you are supposed to send should be properly prepared before going for transportation. A lot of the safety measures are taken care of by the courier delivery services themselves but you ought to be a little more careful as well.

The second most important thing that you are supposed to do is to measure the shipment because the details will be required for you to enter while looking for the courier service and opting for one.


Aramex Australia has become the leading courier delivery service in Australia in only a few years. Many Australians are absolutely happy that Aramex delivers their parcels domestically as well as internationally.

One-day delivery is a feature that is available once you have the premium service of the company. Tracking the parcels in real-time is also a feature, I think, not a lot of courier delivery services give and this is what makes it stand out from the others.

Overall, this is recommended for you to send your parcels to your loved ones in your country or abroad. In times of necessity, you can also opt for faster delivery which is an option that’s as good as no other.

Hope this article was informative and you got to learn a thing or two about the leading courier service in Australia and its amazing features.